Best Graphic Card 2018 ~ Buyers Guide


Technology affects people all over the world. Every year we see new inventions and innovations. NVIDIA & AMD are two major manufacturers of graphic cards. Both manufacturers plays a vital role in gaming. Every year they introduce a new technology in market.

With the introduction of this new tech in market every year, it makes difficult for buyers to select the best one.

So, here is the buyers guide to select the best GPU for 2018.

Too many graphic cards are available in market at different prices & no doubt graphic card is the most demanded gaming component of the PC and also it is the most expensive component.

As a first time buyer it is difficult to know which graphic is better or which card is according to your requirements.

Here are some important points to consider while selecting graphic card.

  1. The very first thing to consider is brand name. which brand is best fit for your need. However both NVIDIA and AMD have good market value.
  2. Follow a thumb rule recommended by professions “If you have 4GB of RAM go for 8GB of Graphic card”. however no one is restricting you but its a good choice.
  3. List down the specifications you want in your card within the budget.
  4. Do some research on google, read articles and select the best card that fits to your need & budget.
    After all this, the question arises is what to look for in a good graphic card?

The answer to this question is very simple and the answer is, the card which fulfill your requirements. Your requirements depends upon which type of games you are going to play on the card. Because every game have different gpu requirement.

However, i’m not here to tell you to buy this specific card but surely i’ll help you to buy appropriate card with according to your requirements.

While buying a GPU for your PC consider following features as per your requirements.


VRAM also know as Video RAM. VRAM is one of the most important spec of any graphic card. Higher the VRAM, the higher will be the details and resolution. When you opt for low VRAM card, you reduce details and resolution in order to get playable FPS in game.

However, not only VRAM is responsible for good GPU there are many other factors contribute to a good GPU.

Clockspeed & Memory Bandwidth:

Memory bandwidth means how efficient GPU is in taking the input and giving the output. Higher bandwidth means higher the efficiency which of course better. NVIDIA & AMD both have separated listings for memory bandwidth. Memory bandwidth can be changed by either changing the bus size or by changing the clock speed. The higher the clock speed the higher will be the bandwidth.

The features mentioned above are technical aspect of a GPU, but before buying a card you should also consider the following thing.


The card you buy should have warranty of one or more then one year because if card gets out of order, would be replaced.


Price plays the most important role in buying a graphic card. Of course not everyone is able to buy a expensive card. however, you can buy a desired card with a low budget. Just go through the article, It will surely help you in getting your desired card with according to your budget.

 Fan Operation & Cooling:

The problem with the low budget card is that there fan operation is mostly not very good which lead to overheating and causes damage to the card. Even they makes annoying sounds. While buying a card you should check the fan operation of a card.


So, it can be concluded that a good graphic card is that which full fill your requirements. Before buying any graphic card just check the above mentioned characteristics and then you are good to go


Graphic CardClock SpeedVideo MemoryMemory TypePrice
AMD Radeon RX 4801,750 MHz8 GBGDDR5 Price
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti11,000 MHz11 GBGDDR5 Price
NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal)1936 MHz12 GBGDDR5 Price
AMD Radeon Pro Duo500 MHz8 GBGDDR5 Price
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 10801,607 MHz8 GBGDDR5X Price